Teeth Facts from Around the World in Trumbull, CT

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The way oral health is viewed varies around the world. The fact that all countries and cultures are unique, there are different standards when it comes to teeth. We at Trumbull Premier Dental listed down facts about dental health standards and traditions in other places that you might find interesting.


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White-Teeth Obsessed!

The Americans’ obsession with bright, pearly-whites seems common. Contrary to other countries that don’t put much attention on attaining straight, white teeth, the majority of the population in the U.S are very particular when it comes to the smile. In Hollywood for instance, almost all of the celebrities undergo teeth bleaching to highlight their teeth. While other cultures may not into perfecting the looks of the teeth, other countries like China really gives an emphasis on the subject. According to the Chinese people, great teeth means intelligence, while discolored ones indicate poor intellect.


Tooth Fairy Traditions Around the Globe


In the United States, the tooth fairy may be involved in a weird transaction: to help kids ease the trauma of losing their tooth, they will be paid by money. But first, they will need to put the tooth under the pillow and go to sleep. When the tooth fairy arrives, they will pay cash in exchange for it.

South Africa

Unlike people in the U.S, South Africans don’t use pillows to hide their tooth. Instead, they make use of slippers to keep their baby teeth!


For Asian countries like India, China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, placing the tooth under a pillow is boring. To level up the practice, they tend to toss those teeth around instead! Picture out kids throwing their lose tooth on the lower jaw above the roof, while the upper jaw teeth on the floor because that’s just exactly what they do.


The Glittering Mayans

Way back in the ancient times, Mayans used to create a hole in their teeth for gemstones to be fitted. The glittering accessory signifies beauty and status back then.

It’s nice to know the different teeth facts from around the world, isn’t it? After all, regardless of the differences, keeping the oral health is necessary for whichever country you may be from. To do so, practice good oral hygiene, observe a healthy lifestyle, and visit us at Trumbull Premier Dental for Complete Dental Checkups every six months.


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