Tooth Extraction in Trumbull, CT: Is It the Right Choice?

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As a kid, you have probably realized how rewarding it is to lose a tooth – and the small token that you received from your parents for parting with each baby tooth made the experience even more interesting. Now that you are in the adulting stage, the thought of losing a tooth or two may not be in your mind anymore. It’s difficult and indeed heartbreaking to live with an incomplete set of teeth.

Nobody wants to carry the burden of missing teeth. As much as possible, people want to keep their adult teeth strong, healthy, and in good shape. However, there are some instances that the tooth gets damaged and impossible to mend. The only way to get rid of the affected tooth is by having it extracted.


Teeth Extractions And Your Other Options

Tooth extraction is the right choice if all other means are exhausted but failed to save the tooth. This procedure is studied carefully by dental professionals, so you don’t have to worry about an unsuccessful treatment, discomfort, and pain. Here at Trumbull Premier Dental, our dentist is skilled and trained with regards to performing our Teeth Extractions services. It is guaranteed that all the hassles associated by the procedure are completely minimized.

Since living with missing teeth is a lot more challenging, Trumbull Premier Dental can provide you with a wide selection of treatments to replace your lost tooth. We have crowns and bridges, dentures, and dental implants which can replicate both the functions and aesthetics of your extracted tooth. 

Not quite sure if teeth extractions are right for you? Take a look at these reasons why the procedure is necessary:

  • The eruption of wisdom teeth may be painful, especially if the tooth becomes impacted. In that case, it is better to have it removed.
  • Teeth extractions may be required before undergoing an orthodontic treatment to fix overcrowding.
  • The teeth that had been severely damaged and infected are subject for extraction.

Despite the scary misconceptions that surround the procedure, tooth extraction is still essential to save the state of the adjacent teeth and the overall oral health too!


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